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  • I haven’t used pet sitters or walkers in Milton Keynes before – how does it all work?
    Dog Walkers and Pet sitters provide pet services when you are not available to be around either due to work commitments or taking time out by being away or taking a holiday. For boarding we hold a normal routine of play, rest, walking, feeding, treat reward time, bed time amount stimulating brain games to keep your dog active as well as down time for cuddles and care. This is the same for doggy daycare. Pet home-visits are when we come into your own home and let your dog out for some fresh air and a comfort break, play time in the garden, a walk outside, fresh water and treats provided and some time to split up the day while you are at work or away for the day. Dog walking is mainly exercising and walking your dog during times when you or your family members are not able to do so.
  • Why should I use Dog Wiggles Sitters Services?
    We know that it can be a real worry leaving your dog behind while you have work commitments or go away from home for a period of time for a long weekend, day out or even to go on holiday. When you chose your dog walker and pet sitter you do so wisely and with due care and consideration. We stand out against other local pet sitting and walking services due to the attention we provide the dogs as we understand they need to have mental stimulation, fun and bonding, however they also need to feel loved and cared for. Knowing your dog/s are in a dog loving home who will always ensure your dog is looked after just as if it were our own. We will ensure we follow your instructions so it really is a home-from-home so the dog is at ease and has a holiday of its own.
  • How do I manage bookings can I book online?
    Yes, once you are registered we have an online scheduling system so you can manage your dogs details and bookings.
  • How many dogs are looked after in dog daycare or dog boarding at one time?
    We have a license to have 3 dog’s maximum at one time, however we can make arrangements for people who would like to organise that only their dog/s are booked for boarding in isolation or walked on a one-to-one basis rather than a group.
  • How will I know how my dog is doing?
    We can send you messages and photos during your dog’s time with us along with daily updates so you know exactly how your dog is getting on.
  • What should I pack for my dog’s stay?
    We ask that you provide your dogs food and treats for its entire stay to ensure we do not feed it anything we shouldn’t. The amount and timing you want your dog/s fed and to be rewarded with treats can all be filled in prior to stay in the paperwork we will send you to complete. We like to ensure it’s a home-from-home so a favourite toy, its bed time blanket, matt/bed and drinking and feeding bowels are always a great idea so the dog settles in nicely as it has familiar items for the duration of its stay.
  • How many dogs will you walk at one time?
    We can offer dog walking on an individual or group basis dependant on your dogs needs and requirements.
  • Where will my dog be walked?
    If your dog is boarding or in dog daycare with us then we will walk your dog in local parks, forests and woodland walks. For dog walking we will walk the dog in your area or if aloud to travel with us can be walked in nearby fields, parks and suitable walking areas where dogs are permitted.
  • Do you walk dogs on or off the lead?
    Dog walking is via lead unless the dog’s parents advise and approve via signing a disclaimer to be off the lead. Should you wish your dog to have a muzzle due to eating unwanted items on walks we can also arrange for this.
  • How do I pay for your services?
    You can choose cash or bank transfer. All booking must be paid for in advance with a 48 hour cancellation policy.
  • What criteria do you set in order to approve a dog for pet sitting?
    All dogs must have proof of up to date vaccinations, flea and worming treatments and completed paperwork that we supply so we are aware if your dog is micro chipped, neutered amongst other needed criteria to ensure any dog that boards with us is approved to do so.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Should you need to cancel you can do so with a minimum of 48 hours notice. Once a booking is confirmed, we will be unable to offer that period to other enquiries, therefore any cancellation made will incur the full cost of the pet services booked.
  • As a pet sitter and dog walker are you fully insured and licensed ?
    Dog Wiggles Sitters is ifully nsured by Pet Plan Insurance for £5,000,000 Public Liability and Custodial Responsibility £10,000. We are also fully licensed by Milton Keynes Council.
  • Do you have a dog boarding license?
    Yes, Dog Wiggles Sitters has a license for home boarding (dogs) as per the Animal Boarding Establishment Act 1963 as authorised by Milton Keynes Council.
  • If an emergency should arise what will happen?
    We will always do our upmost to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your dog/s. If an emergency arises we will call you on the contact number you provide to discuss the situation. If we cannot reach you for whatever the reason our next step would be to take your dog to your registered vet.
  • Can you handle my dog’s specific needs?
    If your dog is scared of loud noises, is possessive over toys or food, has dietary requirements etc. then we can discuss these with you to ensure we keep to your normal routine.
  • What if I need a really early drop off or late pick up due to work commitments and am running behind schedule?
    We understand everyday can get in the way and it doesn’t always go to plan. We just ask for people to communicate with us as soon as possible when they are aware they may be delayed and we can arrange suitable alternatives for collection or an extended stay. We are here to make your life a little easier!

Typical Questions for Pet Sitters Services Milton Keynes & Bletchley

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