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Pet Sitter & Walker Services Costs

Dog Daycare (Half Day) £16 + Additional Dog £8.00

Bank Holidays are charged at the normal rate +50% (1 Dog = £24).

Dog Daycare is a pet service that we offer for when you are out and about for the day with family and friends or to keep up with work commitments. Perhaps you you need to work late, can't get out of the office or are unable to pop home on your lunch break? You want to go and catch up with the family or run some erronds, however can't take your fur friend with you.  We can be your dog's extended family so you feel guilt-free carrying on with your personal and work commitments.

Dog Daycare (Full Day) £22 +Additional Dog £11

Bank Holidays are charged at the normal rate +50% (1 Dog = £32.50).

This is a pet service whereby we look after your dog for the whole day in a cosy home-from-home environment. Dog Daycare means you can carry on with your day without worrying. Many use this pet service as they have a long commute, do not have a 9am-5pm job or simply are juggling too many things that they want their fur friend looked after for the day. This pet sitting day care service is also popular at weekends when you need to go to a wedding, a party or somewhere that you know you will be away from home for over 3 hours. 

Dog Boarding (Overnight Stay) £27.50 + Additional Dog £13.75

Bank Holidays are charged at the normal rate +50% (1 Dog = £41.25).

Taking your dog in for the day and night for a fun and play stay! This dog boarding service is a luxury dog holiday where your dog will get lot's of walks, be fed and watered, rewarded with treats, have nap times and cuddles, set stimulating brain games and a lot of play time. Following this bed time in a safe and homely pet loving home. While your away why can't your pet enjoy a lovely time away too!

Dog Home Visit Drop-ins (45 minutes) £16 +Additional Dog £6

Bank Holidays are charged at the normal rate +50% (1 Dog = £24). ​

A pet sitter will check in on your dog in your home during the day. Dog Drop-In Home Visits make sure your dog get's some interaction to play, fresh water put down and food and treats provided. Peace of mind that your pet sitter will give your dog some fresh air outside, along with a stroll to stretch their paws and time to have a comfort break so you don't come home to any unwanted accidents. Perhaps you have a new dog or puppy and want them checked up on? Do you have an older dog's too who need to be let outside more? Have you a poorly dog who needs medication administered? This pet sitter drop-in service is very popular for people who can't get home during the day for work or have other personal commitments. 

Dog Home Visit Drop-ins (1 hour) £19 + Additional Dog £9.50

Bank Holidays are charged at the normal rate +50% (1 Dog = £28.50).

The full Gold Star Treatment home drop-in pet service, which includes a long walk. Your dog will have time to eat and drink any refreshed food and water. An hour gives our pet sitters plenty of time with your families pet. A pet service that provides your dog with lot's of human interaction, play and a nice long walk to wear them out. We can also organise for your pet to be given any stimulus before leaving such as a Kong. A popular service for people working far away, long hours or have other commitments whereby they know their dog needs to see a friendly face to split up the day. Perhaps you have a personal date with family and friends? Need to work through lunch or late? Your commute means your dog see's no one all day? Whatever the reason, a pet sitter can check up and let you know your dog's ok for peace of mind as they are happy napping until you return home.

Dog Walker (45 minutes) £12 +Additional Dog = £6

Bank Holidays are charged at the normal rate +50% (1 Dog = £18).

Individual or group dog walking services with a dog walker. 

Someone in your family unable to walk their dog due to health? You need to make sure your dog has at least one long walk a day? Recovering from an operation and need interim support? You have elderly relations that need some support? You need your dog walked to split up the day whilst you are out and about at work or with friends and family? Walking in important so having dog walkers make sure your dog gets that time shows just how much you love them!

Dog Walker (1 hour) £16 + Additional Dog = £8

Bank Holidays are charged at the normal rate +50% (1 Dog = £24).

Full Gold Star walking service for your dog/s with a dog walker. Leaving your pet in your garden does not provide the array of sensory stimulation that most dog's need to either prevent boredom or even keep a dog with anxiety calmer. It's so important that a dog get's the much needed exercise and mental stimulation that a walk provides. This is why this pet service is such an important and popular one.


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