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Carrot and apple doggie treats!

(You will need an Easter Bunny mould in Silicone material to make this dog recipe)

With Easter soon approaching we wanted to share a doggie treat recipe with you all that has 5 ingredients you probably already have in your homes.


  • 140g whole wheat flour

  • 1 tsp baking powder

  • 1 medium egg

  • 115g carrot (grated)

  • 30g of apple sauce

  • 30ml extra virgin olive oil


1. Preheat oven 180°c. Adjust if you can a fan assisted oven.

2. Mix all the ingredients together to make the dough (play-doh consistency).

3. Scoop about 1 tbsp of dough into the Easter bunny moulds.

4. Bake for approximately 20-22 minutes.

We hope your doggie enjoys!

Dog Wiggles Sitters wishes you all a Happy Easter!

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This is a question we are often asked so we thought we would write an article to cover off your questions.

It is a very new concept that is growing as more and more people are unable to care for their dog/s with a long commute to work, jobs leaing to multiple trips whereby they have to travel abroad, all the household working longer hours, late stays at the workplace and skipped lunch breaks.

In summary it’s the same as childcare during the day just for your ‘fur baby’. Its peace of mind that your dog is in the right care during the day so that it is safe and having fun while you go away for a weekend, a day or during the week with those work and other life commitments.

This pet service involves the dogs being collected or dropped off in the morning at the pet sitters and collected or dropped to you in the evening. Its not a kennel but a home-from-home cosy place to stay where your dogs can enjoy play, walks, treats, exercise, activities, cuddles and an entertaining day where you feel guilt-free. If the dogs need to stay overnight, then home boarding is the other option when you are away from home or out of the country for a longer period of time.

In summary; Doggie Daycare is essentially a pet sitting service for dogs. If your work commitments or other family and home commitments mean that you need to leave your dog at home alone without anybody present for over 4 hours a day, then day care is an option for you. Providing care for your dog in your absence is the preferable solution rather than leaving your dog all alone for a long period of time with no supervision. Some people opt for dog walkers to break their dog’s day up to prevent boredom and them being destructive, however if you look at the cost it can be more beneficial to have your dog looked after for the whole day without having to watch the clock.

Gorgeous Doggie Daycare visitor at Dog Wiggles Sitters

Any questions about doggie day care please leave your comments on this blog post or send a direct message.

Woofy Regards,

Dog Wiggles Sitters

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Producers of the major new tour of the smash-hit Broadway and West End musical Legally Blonde The Musical are on the hunt for a local four-legged star to appear in the production during its Milton Keynes run. Source: Milton Keynes News

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